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Tataaatatatataa, we reached round 4 of Miss Magix 2017! The last round before finals, so grab your tools and show us you want to go to finals and have your shining moment!
This round’s theme is going to be a little different… Like in a real pageant contest, there’s always some good rivalry going on. Which is why in this round, your ladies are gonna rub their claws for the final battle!

Task: Draw your character sabotaging at least one other candidate of the contest!
For example, your character can put hairdye in their shampoo, or put a curse on them, or draw a moustage on their face while they are sleeping, etc!

Specific rules for this round:

- Your character has to manipulate at least one other contestant, but you can choose to manipulate more than one
- Your manipulation has to be clearly visible in the picture itself, not just in a written story!
- The participant you’re manipulating has to be one (or more) of the contestants of MissMagix 2017, but only those who are still in the contest.
- no gore (do not kill or strongly hit your competitors for manipulation!)
- you can choose to manipulate someone along with your allies, so you can draw several ocs manipulating one character in one picture. Those allies do not have to be part of the contest, they can be random friends of the oc.

General rules:

- bases are allowed, but you have to give credit. (Also, using a base might deduct points for some judges, but that's not a must). OFFICIAL PICTURES COUNT AS BASES TOO. CREDIT THEM.

- No stealing

- Always give proper credit for everything you use that wasnt created by you! "found on Google" is not an appropriate credit. Improper credit can lead to point deduction.

- You cannot change your character once you have submitted a picture

- You can update your picture after it was submitted, but only BEFORE the deadline ends. (So the rated image will be the last one you uploaded/updated before the deadline)

- Make sure to tag the Miss Magix group in the description

- Always post your entry into the group by yourself! There is no guarantee that we will be remembering you to do it

- Always be friendly to other contestants

- Put your best foot forward! <3

- No deadline extensions unless all of the judges feel the need to give more time. You got a month, that's a lot!

deadline: 28th of April!

Alrighty, now go and be a sneaky cheetahh this round! ;D
Ladies and gentlemen, first off: sorry for the delay! The judges got really busy.
And now, it’s time to close the third round of this year’s Miss Magix Contest! Only one more round remaining  before you can show us your amazing talent in the final round <3
Like the last round, we decided not to drop out anyone who handed in a picture. We want you all to have fun and join in in the next round!

So the following participants are still in, along with the feedback to everyone’s entries:
We really like how this entry is connected to your previous entry. The background looks great and official and the situation is really well done. You can feel the emotion of the situation. We just would have liked to see a bit more detail.

We really like the composition of this piece and how the single elements go well together. The mirror looks very good. We also really loved how you interpreted the theme into your character and made it work even though she cannot technically have a "dream".

We like how she is actually dreaming her desire, which is a nice take on the theme for this round. We would have liked to see some extra detail in the background, however, like adding a handrail for dancing. We did like the poses and the outfits, though maybe a bit more on her desire, and the why, would have been nice.

First off al, we love the background you did for this picture, it really compliments the picture and you did a wonderful job on it. The details in the piece are also really great, especially in their clothing and the hair accessory! The only thing that is sorta missing are the legs of the brother. They might be hidden behind her, but due to the composition and his pose, it feels like they are missing.

You didn't really meet the round's theme since simply thinking she wants to become a writer sounds too unsure to be a desire deep from the heart. The dragon head looks well done though, and the pose matches, however there's just not enough emotion or detail going on in the picture, especially in the background.

Nice work on the poses, they convey the desire well! The background also matches well, though the perspective could use some work. We do really like how you blurred the background out of focus, that was a smart move. The drawing has an overall harmonic look.

The desire is emotional and how you showed the emotion and situation is well done. Its rather simple, however, and two pics weren't self drawn and the one bigger pic is rather undetailed; there's no background. You still managed to show the desire well!

Honestly said, we don't think you entirely understood the biggest desire being about something very emotional. Though the pose does look dreamy, granted. The overall composition is okay though and the poses are also neat.

We liked the effects you used for the magic and the lighting looks good, magical. However, we would have liked to see a bit more detail in the background and a bit more story going on in the picture itself; it isn't clear from the picture itself what exactly her desire is.

We really liked the composition of this piece, you showed a lot of effort and detail in the separate drawings, and the various situations were nicely drawn. We would have liked a little bit more description on the individual pictures, however, so we know what is going on, exactly.

We really like the amount of detail you put into this piece, especially in the hair, the dress, and the background (even though the background is a little messy). It showed the story you wanted to tell very well. However, we would have liked to see a pose that conveyed this feeling a bit more.

We like the desire of your character, but it is not conveyed very well in the picture. We would have liked to see more emotion in her face and in the pose, and of course a self drawn background would have been nice.

Though we do appreciate that you tried out a background yourself, the overall picture looks messy and not very high quality. The lines are messy and we feel like you did not credit the base you used. The story, however, is very nice.

We really love the detail in the birds, they look really good! The characters, however, could have gotten a bit more love perhaps. The lines are really thick compared to the birds and that makes them look less delicate and stand out in the picture. You captured the mood of the picture very well, and the background looks stunning.

Overall this picture is great. The food looks delicious and the shadow of the tree gives the picture a very good atmosphere. Furthermore, the poses look very nice, it really looks like they are just having fun and chatting. The only thing that might have been nice is if you drew a bit more trees in the far background, because that looks a little empty now.

We really love how the picture actually represents freedom. You put a lot of effort in the symbolism and the picture and that really shows. The dress looks stunning and the colour change in the background is amazing!

And now for the special shout out! It goes to…

We really like the composition of this piece. You showed her desire extremely well, especially with the flashbacks to her family. The determined expression on her face is beautiful and conveys a lot of emotion. The whole piece looks very harmonious, congrats on the shoutout!

Stay tuned for round 4 everyone! <3
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AshlyStorm Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Why folder of 4th round is closed?
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Sorry, should be fixed now!
AshlyStorm Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nekobunnychan Featured By Owner Edited Mar 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm afraid I'll have to drop out
To much is going on in my personal life and I'm taking a break from drawing Usagi, but I have no ideas and I been super stress and been just reading cuz I can't draw anything when, I'm upset.. I'm sorry about this.... PS Good luck to every one else
AshlyStorm Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nishimurashoko Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop out as things in my life have been taken more priority and i won't be able to finish in time, really sorry. Though I do wish to thank you guys for hosting an awesome contest so far, I enjoyed it and it showed me that I am capable of creating my own things. Thanks so much. ^^
DarkLadyYami Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seems like I'm going to drop out this time. The cable of my graphics tablet broke before I could finish the picture and I'm still searching for replacement. So annoying :/ Good luck to everyone else!
RebelWinxGirl Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Too bad I couldn't enter on time ^^; Good luck to everyone participating!
something-happend Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm really sorry but I have to drop out since I have too many exams this month so I won't be able to do my entry but maybe next year
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Could you accept my member request?
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