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Sit down sit down, we know you are really excited for the next round’s theme, so we will not make you wait any longer! ;D

Applause please…..
This round’s theme is “your biggest desire”!

We want to see everyone portraying their biggest desire by heart. It can be something impossible, like “I wish I could see my dead mom” or something like “my biggest wish is to become a doctor when I’m old”. But please be careful: This is not about small wishes like getting a horse for christmas. It has to be obvious that this desire is coming from the deepest of your heart and is truly something special for you!
The wish does NOT have to be fulfillable!
For example if your character lost a family member and is NOT able to revive it, you don’t have to draw them united. You CAN, but you could also draw them in a hologram, a photo with your oc crying about it or whatever pops to your mind. Memories can be very powerful.

Make sure the picture tells a story by itself! It’s always great to be able to tell what’s going on without having to read 50 paragraphs to understand that the character is sad/happy/angry... Stories are nice, but try to make them visible in your artwork! :)

Deadline: March 28th

23.59 CET  (GMT+1)

Now before you head in and start drawing, we friendly remind you of the ..

General rules:

- bases are allowed, but you have to give credit. (Also, using a base might deduct points for some judges, but that's not a must). OFFICIAL PICTURES COUNT AS BASES TOO. CREDIT THEM.

- No stealing

- Always give proper credit for everything you use that wasnt created by you! "found on Google" is not an appropriate credit. Improper credit can lead to point deduction.

- You cannot change your character once you have submitted a picture

- You can update your picture after it was submitted, but only BEFORE the deadline ends. (So the rated image will be the last one you uploaded/updated before the deadline)

- Make sure to tag the Miss Magix group in the description

- Always post your entry into the group by yourself! There is no guarantee that we will be remembering you to do it

- Always be friendly to other contestants

- Put your best foot forward! <3

- No deadline extensions unless all of the judges feel the need to give more time. You got a month, that's a lot!

Got any questions? Ask!
Ladies and gentlemen, round 2 has officially come to an end! Let’s hear a big round of applause for this round’s entries, showing the candidates in alternative universes. You all looked remarkable!

As always, some participants are leaving us this round…

Kitsune-Xin, TheDamnedFairy, UnstoppableQueen, something-happend, lightshinebright, AntaresPhoenix, MiuStar01 and LucentAngel

Due to the amount of non-in-handers, we decided to drop everyone who didn’t hand anything in while everyone who did upload an entry passed.

Thank you for competing, you did a wonderful job!
Now let’s wrap up this round with some feedback, shall we?

The outfit was well done! One tip is to use hard shading (celshading) on the
speer to make it look like metal. Sadly, it didn't look like she was in the
actual universe because the background was lacking a motive. Try telling a story
in your picture that can be seen without reading a description!

The pose wasn't selfdrawn and a lot of clipart was used for the background;
sadly, it wasn't incorporated very well to compliment the drawn character. Same
feedback for you though, try telling a story in your picture!

The composition was definitely great in this one, even though a selfdrawn
background would have matched better, since the difference between the drawn
characters and the not-drawn background is clearly visible. Anyhow, the past is
not really an alternative universe. Nice dynamic and story in the picture

The drawing really matches the universe well, it would just be nice to have
slightly more detail in the background. Great in-transit though and a nice

The poses and outfits look very nice with the background! Sadly, the universe
wasn't explained and none of us watched the anime, so it was hard to say
anything storywise.

Your character was nicely drawn into this universe and you also included that
predacon. Props for drawing that! Your character, however, stands out a lot from
the background. There is no shadow behind her and in such a dark environment her
colours should have been a little darker as well, to make it look cohesive. Good
job on the outfit and pose though!

Nice idea for this story, you did a good job on the bridge! The background sadly
appeared slightly messy with the flowers. The moths are a nice touch.  Overall,
it could be a little bit more refined, especially colourwise.

We love the soft colours you used in this picture. It is also really thoughtful
that you blurred the person in front! The expression is also lovely. The general
composition is well done.

It is nice that you made an effort to draw three pictures! However, the pictures
look contorted, like they are too narrow or too wide and the shading could be
improved on, just like the magical effects. Extra Tip: It's nice to have your
watermark on it, but maybe reduce it a bit in size to make it less distracting.

The idea of the universe is really nice and it's nice that you included the
hobbit hole and the hobbits in it! It is a little messy and you can see a lot of
the marker strokes especially on the bigger surfaces. Maybe try practising
straight lines and colouring! :)

The universe sadly wasnt described, but we love the style imitation of AT! Also,
we are fans of Spa Princess XD We do realise that the style is the original
style, but it looked slightly less detailed compared to the other artworks.
However, it was really designed very well!

The idea is nice, though at first glance it was unclear what universe she was
from (which should not be the case with something as common as Harry Potter). It
would have been nice if you included a uniform and less stock. Make sure to
credit properly. Also, try to deliver a story with your artwork!

I like the pose you used and the universe, it's really funny! It is a shame the
background is such a low quality however, it's a stark contrast with the
character. The story you put with it was good, and the skirt flows really nice!
Also, the general picture doesn't show much of the universe going on since it's
very close up.

You improved a bit from your last picture, this is much more organized. It's
also a fitting universe you chose for your character, though we would have liked
it if you did a little bit more by yourself. You could for example take those
books you used as reference (not tracing, of course). Sadly, not a lot of the
picture was selfmade and it had parts that looked sort of unrefined. It looked
rather like the character was wearing a costume instead of actually being in the

There is a LOT of detail going on and we like that! The shading could have been
slightly more precise and there is not much of a background, but apart from that
we like the costume design here. We wish there was a story visible in the pic
though. Unfortunately, there was no helpful explanation for the AU and her face
could show more appropriate emotions.

I think it looks great! The pose is matching and the water looks really nice,
but the rest of the background sorta lacks detail in comparison to it. The
clothes are cute too. Maybe also make the water less saturated, especially since
its night. Sadly, you missed the topic of an AU because you were not supposed to
replace a character in the original story, but rather bring your character into
the AU.

You drew the style of the universe very well, especially the background! I also
like how you included fusion, the fusion looks really good. We would have liked
a little more about the characters and how/who they are in this universe,

Its nice how you drew the girl. She looks so happy and pink, perfect for a
sylveon trainer! You did really well with the background, especially the ground
below looks good. We just wish the sky would live up to the same amount of clean
work as the character and city.

You did a really good job on the braid and the folds in the clothing! We also
think you did a good job in changing the outfits but still keeping them in range
of the universe. The background, however, looks a little off, to me. The fog
could have been executed better. Its nice that theres more than one character,
it just seems a little empty on the grass compared to the high detailed shading
on the persons.

There is not much detail going on in the actual drawing compared to the detailed
background, which sadly wasnt selfmade. The actual picture unfortunately doesnt
show much of a story told, also you misunderstood the theme: you were not
supposed to replace a character in the original story, but rather bring your
character into the AU.

Good effort you put into the drawing; the story is really nice and it comes
across well in your drawing. One thing you could work on is line stability (like
using the lineart tool in SAI or upping your line stability if you have a
tablet). We wish the background was selfmade though.

So many characters were drawn and it's all put into a nice story that can be
SEEN in the pic. So many different emotions going on! You managed to get so many
details in for the setting, and we love how clueless she is with that flower!
Her dress is also really pretty.

Great idea for the frame! The scene was put together nicely and the slimes look
good! The idea with the evil person watching is also really orginal!

The poses are great, the faces are emotional and especially the dementor looks
fantastic. The only thing we were looking for would be a selfmade background -
even though this one has really been edited and incorporated well! Though, you
should have moved her skirt backwards too, because now it doesn't really flow
with the rest of the picture. (tie and hair all go backwards, but skirt

The composition is very nice with the trees and the snow, also we really like
the blood scorpion. We like the textures you used in this piece! The snow looks
great. You did really well with including details of the show into your piece.
One tip is to look at your values. You don't use a lot of extreme values, which
might have made this piece better. To give it more depth. Especially in the

The costumes are super cute and there was even effort put into creating
background characters. We wish she drew the shoe-situation though haha ;D From
the outfits of the characters, to the official EAH sheet you made to the
detailed banners hanging from the castle - we noticed a lot of detail. You also
managed to keep your character in-character.

Great composition and motive! However, we wish it was more refined and less
messy in colouration. The perspective of this piece is neat, it looks great and
your character is smiling so sweetly! You also did a great job on the background
and the dragon; it's very detailed and really compliments the picture and the

You all did a fantastic job! The points you got are not going to be made public. If you are interested about your score, you can message SachiiA,  kys-alis or Winterscent. (Please only message one of us so you don’t end up getting 3 replies). Please do not share your score with others :)

Now for the special part: As announced, every round there will be a special shoutout to a picture that stood out the most this round! Let’s see who this round’s special shoutout goes to…

Shout out to: Moryartix!

We absolutely adored this. The costume is brilliant and detailed, especially the metal arm. The backgrounds look fantastically detailed, the lighting is very good on them and it just has an overall nice composition - plus everything is self-created. We were simply amazed by the amount of detail and your personal improvement here!

Lastly, we want to thank you for taking the feedback to heart! We could see that you gave more effort to do things by yourself or adding proper credit :) Well done!

Stay tuned for round 3! ♥
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